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Christopher Carbone



Since 2001, Attorney Christopher Carbone has faithfully represented hundreds of people around the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in Family Law Litigation cases. This firm is dedicated to helping middle-class men and women complete the difficult road through divorce, paying attention to the client’s financial interests and their family needs. Attorney Carbone is a litigation attorney specializing in Family Law Litigation which includes divorce, child custody, child support disputes, alimony, complaints for contempt, and matters related to the dissolution of a marriage.

Since his admission to the Massachusetts Bar in 2001, Attorney Carbone has spent most of his career representing lower, middle and upper-middle income people obtain clean, discreet and final divorces within the Courts of the Commonwealth. He also has significant experience both as a civil litigation attorney and a criminal defense attorney, which he has combined with his family law practice in order to assist clients in these specific areas. Most notably, Attorney Carbone has extensive experience in high conflict divorces involving closely held businesses, children with special needs and parties with substance abuse issues.

Further, Attorney Carbone has extensive experience with the M.G.L. c. 209A Restraining Order Process and has advised dozens of men and women on the process. Not only has Attorney Carbone successfully obtained 209A Restraining Orders in many cases, but he has also successfully fought for clients in defeating the implementation of such restraining orders.

Attorney Carbone graduated cum laude from Suffolk University Law School, Boston, Massachusetts in 2000. He received his Bachelor of Science, cum laude, from Emerson College, Boston, Massachusetts in 1997 with a major in Communications, Politics and Law.

Attorney Carbone resides in Medford, Massachusetts with his wife and his two daughters. He is the former Secretary of the Medford Family Resource Counsel and its former Co-Chairman. Attorney Carbone is the former President of the North End Waterfront Residents Association where he organized the community around zoning matters and neighborhood development issues. He is also served as the President of the Downtown Boston Chapter of Business Networking International from 2002-2004.


I've had the good fortune to be represented by Mr. Carbone for many years and I can say, without hesitation, that he is by far the greatest ally you could ask for. Knowledgeable, organized, quick witted, dedicated, and passionate in his work.

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